Arbaaz Khan Admits To Betting In IPL, Lost Crores To Bookie


MUMBAI: The Thane Crime Branch today called Salman Khan’s brother and actor-producer Arbaaz Khan in the IPL betting case.

During questioning, Arbaaz Khan has done many shocking disclosures. According to the report, Arbaaz has admitted that he has been betting on IPL matches for the last 6 years and have lost more than 30 million rupees in betting.

Arbaaz also confessed that the bookie Sonu Jalan threatened him when he did not return his money. During the questioning, the crime branch came to know that Arbaaz had been in the habit of betting and his family knew it.

According to the report, Salman’s legal team will help him in this case. Police suspected that Arbaaz Khan, through Sonu Jalan’s racket, has betted a lot of money in IPL matches.


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